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The MagPlant 5000 and The Epoch Machine, more to come?

MagPlant 5000

The most recent Item Of The Months have been from GrowTech. What are they, and are they going to be revolutionary? The MagPlant 5000 exploded in price from 120 Worlds Locks going all the way to 700 World Locks! The Epoch machine hasn't been as much as a hit. It has been cool, innovative and hyped, but it didn't really do as well as expected. To be honest, the MagPlant was much more revolutionary, improving farming for the richer farmers, it automatically collects whatever you want, if it drops out (for example a tree). It won't take if somebody drops something (all of those videos about new MagPlants scams about dropping are fake/clickbait). The Epoch Machine on the other hand was revolutionary because every 1-60 minutes it can have an automatic changing background. It has three different backgrounds you can change it to: Floating Islands, Ice Age, and a Land of Majesty/Volcano. Most GrowTopians believe the best is the Floating Islands, and the least favorite is the volcano.

Epoch Machine