Is GrowTopia Dead?

November 8, 2017

It seems like Growtopia is slowly dying. Maybe it is because of a bad community, maybe more games are coming out so it splits the audience, or could it be that the developers are just lazy?


Ever since the huge hacking in 2015, the amount of trustworthy people in GrowTopia is slowly declining. There are scammers, hackers, and phishers, sometimes even working together. 


Also the Developers may be lazy as the switch to UbiSoft maybe the original Devs and Mods are frustrated. But then again there were Balloon Warz and that brought in a new concept to the game, so maybe it isn't dead?


The last could be that so many new MMOs are coming out like Pixel Worlds, Realm of The Mad God, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls and more. So people may start to be playing on those MMO games than other ones. Or maybe simply the game is too old, and they are bored of the same game.


Anyways, is GrowTopia really dead or is it just narrowing its audience for some other reason (could be for profit).



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