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Easter Week is here 5 days late!

Easter Week is here! More of the same, some of the new!

Easter is back and better than ever. Most people think that it late by 5 days because the mods are slacking off, but there was another event going on. There are the same items like the Magic Egg, Pastel Blocks/WallPaper, and Pet Bunny. There are also some new blocks like the Pastel tie, Egg Spikes, Bunny Toy. There is also a new event game called Egg Rescue, eggrescue is the world. You will have to have an egg ticket by buying it in the shop for 5,000 gems for 10 of them. You can receive the Bunny Lock, Growmoji Bunny, and some other random assorted prizes. You have 3 minutes to get 100 eggs that Bunny Barko stole!